Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Victoria Tweets her Love for Church's Chelsea Boots

Victoria Beckham proves a flat shoe convert by proclaiming love for flat Chelsea boots on Twitter.

There was a time when you’d have been forgiven for thinking that Victoria Beckham slept in her stilettos, but the designer du jour has done a fashion 180 and taken to completing her daytime looks with flat shoes, including a pair of Church’s Chelsea boots.

And after a hectic month of fashion shows, trans-Atlantic flights and trips to Paris, Mrs Beckham seems to have appreciated the comfort of a pair of Chelsea boots, posting a picture of them on Twitter and admitting: “Love my Church's Chelsea boots! X vb #church's”.
source: InStyle

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Queen Victoria

Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss have officially been crowned. At least, as fashion royalty. The Sunday Times' Style magazine will soon unveil their 2013 Best-Dressed List and Grey London has created a campaign to promote the style stars, depicting the contenders as iconic British monarchs.
Victoria Beckham is depicted, ever so fittingly, as Queen Victoria and she wears a massive diamond necklace, crown and royal couture just like the 1882 picture of the queen.

You can see the full Best-Dressed List in this week's Sunday Times Style Magazine.
source: E Online & Huffington Post

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ladies in London

This afternoon, Victoria and Harper Beckham took to the capital where the duo spent some time together.  Victoria changed from her dress to a pair of jeans and Manolo Blahniks and Harper wore a cute green printed dress with brown tights and no shoes.
I'm really glad to see Victoria incorporating denim back into her everyday wardrobe.  While I love seeing her all dolled up in her signature designs, I can't help but love her sleek skinny jeans and pumps!
source: DM

In VB's Closet: Church Chelsea Boots

A huge thank you goes out to my anonymous commenter who informed me that Victoria's flat leather boots from two weeks ago are Chelsea boots by Church.

Thank you so much for your help!!
source: DM & Google Images

Lovely in Maroon

Victoria Beckham seems to be warming London right up!  The fashion designer was out running errands today soaking up the sunshine in a lovely maroon ensemble from her own collection.  Her fabulous pins were on display as she strutted the streets.

She looked amazing in a dress and coat from her fall 2012 collection and her pearl adorned Chanel shoes that she's worn once before.
source: Mirror UK

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

On Sunday night, just a day away from his birthday, The Beckham family, Victoria and David's parents, and the Ramsays met for dinner to celebrate Brooklyn's birthday. The group enjoyed a lavish meal at Michelin-starred London restaurant, Locanda Locatelli.

The eldest child of the designer duo was celebrating turning 14.  Happy Birthday Brooklyn!
source: DM

Victoria Shops with Louise

Last week, after a quick trip to Paris, Victoria was photographed out shopping with her baby sis Louise.  The duo took in a few stores and spent the day together.
Victoria looked great in jeans, a black sweater, and a new handbag from her own collection.  My favorite part of her outfit was her shoes!  The designer was wearing one of my new lust items... the Casedei blade stilettos.  These shoes are my new YSLs!  Now if you have been reading my blog a while, you would remember my obsession with the YSL Tribtoo pumps... and how long it took me to finally have a pair of my own.  These sexy pumps are my new need to have item!  Love them!
These are so amazing!!  Aren't they!!  I can't take it!  I LOVE the heel!
source: DailyMail

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Celebrities in VB: Michelle Williams in Victoria Beckham Spring 2013

Following her recent split from her boyfriend, Michelle Williams proved that looking fabulous is always the best revenge (even if there's no need for it). The actress posed at a photocall for Oz: The Great And Powerful today in Moscow, Russia with James Franco (who looked like a hot mess if you ask me) and the always stunning Mila Kunis.
The mother of one looked beautiful in a LBD from Victoria Beckham's spring 2013 collection that she paired with heels adorned with small stars. This look is great on Michelle and this dress looks as if it was designed just for her! It's fits her style and personality perfectly!
source: Style & DM

Victoria & Romeo Shop for Stationery

 On Saturday, Victoria Beckham and her son Romeo were spotted leaving a stationery store in Kensington.

Can we just discuss Victoria's footwear for a second... the high heel devotee was wearing a pair of flat boots (very similar style to Christopher Kane's "Chelsea" boots) with her jeans rolled to the top of them.  While I love that look myself, I was really surprised to see it on Victoria!  I know she's been embracing flats as of late, but this blew me away a bit.

What do you guys think of her shoes... love it?  Hate it?  Leave a comment below as I'd love to hear your feedback! :)

Manolo Blahnik on Working with Victoria Beckham

The following is from a recent interview with the shoe designer...

BLANKS: But then, you’re also working with somebody like Victoria Beckham.
BLAHNIK: But this is another story. This is a woman who could do whatever she wanted to do, have a house in Majorca, raise children, be a footballer’s wife. But she’s not at all like that. I thought she was going to be one of those pop girls, but she’s absolutely the complete opposite. She’s a working girl. She knows what she wants. And when she doesn’t know, she really prepares herself. I love this working type of women. And she’s a girl from—I don’t even know where she’s from.
BLANKS: Essex.
BLAHNIK: I never watched those Spice Girls. I didn’t enjoy that at all. So I didn’t know her well. But she came out with this pretty boy, got married, and the boy got more tattoos and more tattoos. And then I met her a few times, and we started work, and something happened. You know, she wanted it. She loves what she’s doing.
BLANKS: What do you learn from an experience like that?
BLAHNIK: Well, you learn to accommodate. She wants that? I’ll give her that. I only saw one collection of hers, and I thought it was very much like Pierre Cardin or Marcel Rochas dresses. She’s thought about it, and she knows what she wants. And people buy it, so that means she works. She has this incredible will power to do something that she likes to do. And I love that. I respect that.
BLANKS: Do you identify with that?
BLAHNIK: I really connect with her desire to do something that she wants to do. Of the girls we’ve been talking about, she’s one of the few that has this incredible sort of “I want to do it, and I want to do it well.”
source: Mr. Lam's Journal

Video: Victoria Speaks at a Range Rover Event

This may be older for some of you but it was new to me so I wanted to share :)