Monday, February 9, 2009

Madonna in dVb for W Magazine!!

Hey guys, sorry to be getting this to you all so late (specifically the photos - I posted the info earlier) but Monday is my late day at school I'm there 9:00-7:30pm and the computers there don't let you upload photos.
Anyway.. in the newest issue of W Magazine, Madonna is wearing a dVb dress!!!! More importantly, it's dress #8 the Orthez and the exact dress Victoria wore to the Marc Jacobs fashion show.

Honestly, I couldn't wait for someone to be photographed in a dVb dress and Madonna was the last person I thought would come first. However, it's such a huge deal for Victoria! Madonna is like the Queen of pop and W is a major fashion magazine! I'm so thrilled for her! Victoria must be over the moon!!

It's quite the steamy shoot...
Thanks: DenDen - Lah


  1. omg i was just about to tell u they are really amazing pics !

  2. Thanks Erica - I appreciate it! I saw this shoot on my phone during class (I was bored lol) but I couldn't upload the photos till I got home.. hope you enjoy them now that I finally have them up!

  3. seeing this was such a great surprise to me!

  4. Me too! I was shocked - especially since it was Madonns.. I figured it wouldve been Kate Beckinsale or Eva Longoria - to be the 1st ones, Madonna never even crossed my mind lol.. It's so huge for her!

  5. Nice post! Daring post the model is so hot.


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