Monday, May 4, 2009

Victoria's New Hermes Kelly Travel Bag

Victoria Beckham is the queen of all things Hermes! This fashionista's massively large collection seems to have no limits (or none in sight). Victoria recently was photographed carrying a new ciel blue Birkin that was a birthday gift from hubby David. Just yesterday she was spotted at LAX & JFK with a stunning white oversize Kelly travel bag - can I be more jealous??

Both Katie Holmes and Pharell Williams also carry these bags while traveling. Katie was first spotted with one in a red shade. Pharell's is fit for hip hop royalty - purple croc, he also has a rust colored bag as well!


  1. Those Pharel's Hermes bags were also shown in Madonna's video "Give it to me"

  2. snowwhite - thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi there,

    I think she's carrying a Hermes Travel Kelly, not the Hermes HAC Birkin.


  4. Honey if you love Victoria you HAVE to learn the difference between a Birkin and a Kelly bag.... it´s rule number one...

    but I still lobve the blog... :)


  5. lol thanks Carlos Sousa! I realized that I called it the wrong bag much later - and I still haven't changed it but thank you for reminding me! :)


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