Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rare Fashion Rips Off Victoria Beckham

Just days after sleuthing bloggers spotted Prabal lookalikes at Primark and Alexander McQueen replicas by (of all people) Snooki, we've got more (potential) plagiarizing on our hands.

The Fashion Law spotted some new spring dresses over at Rare Fashion, a UK fashion brand that turns out seasonal trends for cheap. A top trend for Spring 2012? Scuba as inspired by Michael Kors' Resort 2012 runway, which Rare shows on its website.

What gets tricky, then, is when Rare suggests that you purchase a dress that looks nearly identical to a Michael Kors Resort 2012 dress. Same goes for an orange and navy frock that could easily be mistaken for a Victoria Beckham Spring 2012 creation.

As the Fashion Law notes regarding the Beckham dress, "While this seems like just a borrowing of colors (which are inherently available to all designers to use), this is a particularly dangerous example of fashion design piracy."
source: Huffington Post Style

Guess this VB Spring 2012 design is the most copied! I've posted a few weeks ago that Diva Catwalk has a design very similar as well and here we have a second retailer which is "inspired" by Victoria's creation.

What are your opinions of these "designer inspired" pieces? Good idea? Bad idea? Leave a comment below.. I'd love to hear your takes on them! :)

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  1. I, for myself loathe this lazyness from all those so called brands, who just want to live off someone else´s efforts, & that is condemnable. For me they are just like those fake designer websites, since they copycat the real thing. I prefer to wait & get the real thing instead of trying to deceive people, just because i want to keep up with the Jones. No matter how much i admire said designs.


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